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Wall painted by premier painting team in Hamilton

Hamilton's Premier Painting Team 

Want quality work to restore your house into your family home? Does your business need some painting work done? There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint, it can really revitalise your home or business, adding a quantifiable sense of style and grace to your property. Explore our fine range of painting services today! 

Professional Painting Services 

Renaissance Decorating Services has been helping its clients to convert their ideas, thoughts and dreams into reality. We take the inspiration you give us and put our paintbrushes to work, creating and developing your ideas into the perfect painted reality. Renaissance Decorating Services has the skills and professional attitude that only a quarter of a century of service can bring. Over our 25 years of service in Hamilton and around New Zealand, we have been universally recognised as the finest team of professional Master Painters that money can buy, and are dedicated to the upkeep of our skills, with frequent retraining and extensive on the job experience. We work closely with our clients to produce quality work and highest level of service for the customers. 
Couple selecting the paint colors from the chart provided by the premier painting team in Hamilton
Premier painting team in Hamilton at work

Our Range of Painting Services

Our Master Painters offer a premium and professional range of incredibly affordable services to you, your home and your business. From a small, at home office to a large multinational complex, our team of commercial painting experts can really provide, and will never step down from a challenge. If your business needs painting, just call: no job is too big or too small for our team. Inside and out, we can paint the lot, sporting a professional range of tools for both interior and exterior painting. Plus, we are always up to paint your brand new home or renovation: just call our professional and personable team today, and get a quote on all your painting needs.
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